Guernsey County Funeral Homes

** Note: This may not be a complete list of Funeral Homes. If you see anything missing. Please e-mail me and I will update the information.**

*** We are always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in helping out. Please contact the state coordinator or you can e-mail me and I will be gradly pass on the information***

Name of Funeral Home Address of Funeral Home Phone Number of Funeral Home Website of Funeral Home
Bundy-Law Funeral Home 120 North 11th St. Cambridge 740-432-5705
Thorn-Black Funeral Home 139 S. 9th St. Cambridge
291 Pike St Quaker City
Black-Epperson Funeral Home 231 E. Main Ave Byesville
129 Mill St Senecaville
Bond Funeral Home 22954 Cadiz Rd Freeport 740-658-3673
Farus Funeral Home 343 W main st Cumberland 740-638-2202

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