Guernsey County Cemeteries

**Note: If there is any additional information for any of these cemeteries that you would like to add please e-mail me, so that I can update this information. If you have any names that you want to add to the cemetery list. You can send me the names to my e-mail. **
Cemetery Name Also Known as Address Location
Aduddell Farm Londonderry
Allen Cemetery East end of Candy Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.08852
Longitude: -81.52089
Jefferson Township. Remains were moved to Pleasant Hill United Presbyterian Cemetery and Old Washington Cemetery
Antrim Community Cemetery Antrim Methodist Cemetery or Antrim Methodist Episcopal Cemetery Anderson Rd.
GPS Latitude: 40.11990
Longitude: -81.36320
Country Road 82
Behind Antrim United Presbyterian Church
Antrim Mennonite Church Cemetery 20360 Cadiz Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.12484
Longitude: -81.35010
Antrim Presbyterian Cemetery Pike St.
GPS Latitude: 40.11970
Longitude: -81.35750
Country Rd 513
Antrim United Presbyterian Cemetery United Presbyterian Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.11978
Longitude: -81.36162
US 22 & County Road 82
Behind Antrim United Presbyterian Church
Bailey's Mill Cemetery Middlebourne
Ball's Grove Cemetery Old Hoopman Cemetery or Rogers Cemetery Vocational Rd
GPS Latitude: 39.94241
Longitude: -81.53263
County Road 35 Jackson Township
Banker Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.17900
Longitude: -81.64172
Wheeling Township
Mile north of Bird's Run on CR 86
Barker Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.97860
Longitude: -81.23390
Battle Ridge Cemetery Four Mile Hill GPS Latitude: 40.01500
Longitude: -81.51420
Beech Grove Chapel Cemetery Old Cambridge Baptist Church Cemetery Brick Church Road
GPS Latitude: 39.98261
Longitude: -81.57602
Jackson Township
Bells Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.11970
Longitude: -81.55500
North Salem
Bennett Cemetery 18748-18774 Sparrow Rd
GPS Latitude: 39.93917
Longitude: -81.38944
Senecaville Richland Township
east side of Sparrow Road (Township Road 471)
around a mile east of its junction with Lashley Road (313)
Bethel Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.20535
Longitude: -81.56044
Guernsey Township
Bethel Methodist Episcopal Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.90118
Longitude: -81.58456
Bethlehem Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.95280
Longitude: -81.52280
Bichard Cemetery Old Twenty-one Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.07017
Longitude: -81.57986
Cambridge Township
Birds Run Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.16560
Longitude: -81.65060
Birmingham Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.17670
Longitude: -81.44090
Blackstone  Cemetery Blackstone-Dolman Cemetery Barnett Road Cassell Westland Township
Boden Cemetery Northfield Cemetery or Northfield Associated United Presbyterian Cemetery 69491 Boden Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.11470
Longitude: -81.70360
Township Rd 662 Kimbolten Knox Township
Bond Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.12000
Longitude: -81.25670
Buffalo Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.92170
Longitude: -81.51470
Cambridge City Cemetery Old Cambridge City Cemetery, Old City Cemetery or South Cemetery S 11th St.
GPS Latitude: 40.02185
Longitude: -81.58547
Carlise Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.04750
Longitude: -81.36750
Cedar Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.93610
Longitude: -81.67940
Center Baptist Cemetery Center Cemetery or Midway Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.06500
Longitude: -81.53700
Center Cemetery Cadiz Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.06381
Longitude: -81.51782
Chestnut Hill Cemetery Chestnut Hill United Brethren Cemetery Titus Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.18332
Longitude: -81.35842
County Road 78 Birmingham Washington Township
Clear Fork Cemetery Clearfork Cemetery or Clearfork Baptist Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.15440
Longitude: -81.44140
Clearfork United Presbyterian Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.15752
Longitude: -81.44920
Monroe Township
County Home Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.01147
Longitude: -81.42422
Covenanter Cemetery Scotch Covenanter Cemetery or Londonderry Methodist Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.15720
Longitude: -81.30140
Cumberland Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.85400
Longitude: -81.66520
Douglas Cemetery U.S. 22 Madison Township Londonberry
Earley's Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.22080
Longitude: -81.61470
East Union Presbyterian Church Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.96670
Longitude: -81.65860
Eldon Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.96470
Longitude: -81.26420
Elizabethtown Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.03670
Longitude: -81.40750
Emerson Cemetery Millwood Township Salesville
Engle Cemetery Ingalls Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.20810
Longitude: -81.38640
Enon Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.96310
Longitude: -81.53830
Fairview Corportation Cemetery Old Methodist Protestant Cemetery Cemetery Lane
GPS Latitude: 40.05575
Longitude: -81.23926
Oxford Township
Fairview Corportation Cemetery Fairview United Presbyterian Cemetery or United Presbyterian Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.05387
Longitude: -81.24154
Oxford Township
Fairview Methodist Cemetery Oxford St.
GPS Latitude: 40.05819
Longitude: -81.23388
Oxford Township Fairview
Flat Ridge Cemetery 70445 Hopewell Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.12966
Longitude: -81.66961
Knox Township Kimbolton
Flat Ridge Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.19750
Longitude: -8.52450
Fletcher Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.03420
Longitude: -81.26060
Oxford Road Fairview
Ford Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.04140
Longitude: -81.63810
Forney Cemetery Birds Run
GPS Latitude: 40.17750
Longitude: -81.65310
Founders Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.02390
Longitude: -81.58940
Frame Cemetery Frame-Larue Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.99652
Longitude: -81.40661
Wills Township Gibson
Frankfort Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.96233
Longitude: -81.36878
Richland Township Senecaville
Friends Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.96750
Longitude: -81.29220
Quaker City
Gatchet Cemetery Pisgah Road Oxford Township Middlebourne
George Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.20060
Longitude: -81.41220
Gibson Station Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.97570
Longitude: -81.41320
Glenview Cemetery Tedrick Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.10440
Longitude: -81.43420
Gods Knob Cemetery Millwood Township Quaker City
Greenlawn Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.97360
Longitude: -81.29220
Quaker City
Greenwood Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.96670
Longitude: -81.54860
Guernsey Cemetery Guernsey Methodist Cemetery or Wheeling Township Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.19560
East of township road 382 on County Road 33
Guernsey County Memorial Gardens 10171 E. Pike Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.02580
Longitude: -81.55030
Guernsey Friends Cemetery Quaker Cemetery or Smyrna Quaker Cemetery Macon Road
GPS Latitude: 40.15534
Longitude: -81.23455
Londonderry Township
Harmony Christian Church GPS Latitude: 39.93920
Longitude: -81.61500
Hawthorne Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.10390
Longitude: -81.70940
High Hill Cemetery Waller's Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.99869
Longitude: -81.60010
Hopewell Cemetery GPS  Latitude: 40.09650
Longitude: -81.64535
Indian Camp
Hopewell Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.91928
Irish Ridge Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.18170
Longitude: -81.47030
Jackman Cemetery Nighthawk Rd
GPS Latitude: 39.94417
Longitude: -81.42694
Richland township Senecaville
Jackson Family Burial Ground Cambridge
Jones Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.19420
Longitude: -81.56860
Kimbolton Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.15106
Longitude: -81.56662
Leatherwood Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.99890
Longitude: -81.36670
Lebanon Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.06140
Longitude: -81.69420
Ledman Cemetery Salem Rd
GPS Latitude: 39.95641
Longitude: -81.42613
Richland Township Senecaville
Lepage Cemetery Pigeon Gap Cemetery Cambridge
Logan Cemetery McKitricks Cemetery or Millers Fork United Presbyterian Cemetery Quiet Lane Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.12198
Longitude: -81.32404
Township Road 9805 Londonderry
Londonderry Cemetery Sunset View Cemetery or Londonderry United Presbyterian Cemetery Pennyroyal Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.15030
Longitude: -81.29860
Lore City Cemetery Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery 9 Division Rd
GPS Latitude: 39.97956
Longitude: -81.45278
Richland Township Lore City
McCleary Cemetery Salt Fork Lake State Park GPS Latitude: 40.12640
Longitude: -81.51000
McCoy Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.10381
McQuade Cemetery Old Washington Presbterian Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.02690
Longitude: -81.43140
Miller Cemetery
Millwood Township Cemetery Sandhill Cemetery or Sandhill United Presbyterian Cemetery Frankfort Rd
GPS Latitude:39.97000
Longitude: -81.36640
County Road 75 Salesville
Morrow Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.10390
Longitude: -81.70970
Mount Calvary Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.96890
Longitude: -81.55890
Mount Calvary Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.01170
Longitude: -81.62610
Mount Herman Cemetery Mount Hermon Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.11330
Longitude: -81.63030
Knox township Kimbolton
Mount Zion Baptist Cemetery Mount Zion Cemetery or Mount Zion Church Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.95780
Longitude: -81.59170
Jackson township Byesville
New Kimbolton Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.14170
Longitude: -81.56190
North Salem Community Cemetery North Salem Presbyterian Cemetery Old Twenty-one
GPS Latitude: 40.14170
Longitude: -81.54530
Liberty Township
Northwood Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.04310
Longitude: -81.58750
Old Hartford Cemetery Old Buffalo Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.91647
Longitude: -81.51703
Old Cedar Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.93618
Longitude: -81.67929
Juction Route 83 and 313 Westland Township Claysville
Old Kimbolton Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.15280
Longitude: -81.57360
Old Washington Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.03618
Longitude: -81.44318
Oldham Cemetery Oldham Rd Township Road 364 Cambridge Township
Pisgah Church of Christ Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.06190
Longitude: -81.29530
Oxford Township Antrim
Pleasant City Cemetery Pleasant City Protestant Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.90970
Longitude: -81.53306
Valley Township Pleasant rd and Kackley Rd
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Pleasant Hill United Presbyterian Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.08860
Longitude: -81.52140
Jefferson Township
Pleasant Hill Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.19250
Longitude: -81.34780
Washington Township
Quaker Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.15530
Longitude: -81.23470
Reasoner Burying Grounds 1163 Fitzgerald Lane
GPS Latitude: 39.99788
Longitude: -81.72377
New Concord
Richland Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.96829
Longitude: -81.26708
Quaker City
Robins Cemetery Saint Michaels Greek Orthodox Cemetery or Saint Michael Cemetery or Trail Run Cemetery Trail Run Rd
GPS Latitude: 39.96030
Longitude: -81.50280
Jackson Township
Saint Michaels Byzantine Catholic Cemetery Saint Michaels Cemetery Pleasant Road
GPS Latitude: 39.90990
Longitude: -81.53271
Valley Township
Saint Patricks Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.97640
Longitude: -81.39830
Salem Baptist Church Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.96440
Longitude: -81.41450
Salesville Hill United Brethren Cemetery Elegy Lane
GPS Latitude: 39.97748
Longitude: -81.33767
Salesville Methodist Episcopal Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.97530
Longitude: -81.34160
Sarchet Run Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.07500
Longitude: -81.63640
Senecaville Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.93940
Longitude: -81.46340
Sigman Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.99310
Longitude: -81.54750
Sigman Cemetery 60806 Opal Ln
GPS Latitude: 39.98280
Longitude: -81.54550
Speer Cemetery Samanna Lane Cambridge
Spencer Cemetery Millwood Township
Stout Cemetery Middlebourne Oxford Township
Sunnyfrank Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.01779
Longitude: -81.64679
Union Hill Cemetery Birds Run
GPS Latitude: 40.20690
Longitude: -81.64140
Warne Cemetery Warrentown
Weaver Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.98610
Longitude: -81.40560
Williams Cemetery Ohio State Route 265
Winterset Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.10780
Longitude: -81.41560
Worthing Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.16190
Longitude: -81.64970
Yankee Point Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.13440
Longitude: -81.26690
Zion Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.96470
Longitude: -81.66060

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